Pregnancy Support with Acupuncture

Acupuncture has a well-known part to play in reducing infertility in both men and women. There are many women who will highly recommend acupuncture therapy to help you conceive, and there is extensive scientific research, as well countless real-life examples to back that claim. But what many people don’t know is that once you have conceived, acupuncture also has a myriad of benefits during your pregnancy for you and your baby. Women who have undergone acupuncture therapy during their pregnancy tend to have a much easier time, and a healthy baby that is delivered smoothly. Here are a few ways in which acupuncture can support your pregnancy and ensure an uncomplicated and happy nine months:

Prevent Miscarriage

All women are warned that the first trimester is the scariest part of your pregnancy because the chances of miscarriage are much higher then, than they are during the other two trimesters combined. Acupuncture helps control any spotting or bleeding by promoting blood circulation to your uterus, thereby, ensuring a healthy uterine lining. It is also wonderful for relieving any stress and anxiety, which may be heightening your chances of miscarriage. Acupuncture will increase blood flow, lower the level of inflammation in the body, and give your immune system a boost; giving your baby a safe, healthy and peaceful atmosphere to grow in.

Relieve Common Symptoms

Housing another human being within your body is no walk in the park; your discomfort can be highly exacerbated by common symptoms associated with pregnancy such as morning sickness and heartburn. These are usually present during your first trimester, but there are many women who throw up every single day for nine whole months. Acupuncture can ease your pregnancy by soothing your digestive system, allowing for your food to go where it supposed to, ensuring a healthy supply of nutrients to both you and the baby. Your overall health will improve, alleviating migraines and exhaustion. Pregnant women are known to be irritable, and when one’s body is always in a state of discomfort, how can we expect anything else. Acupuncture will relieve these symptoms, improving your mood and allowing you to fully enjoy the magical experience of helping a tiny human enter the world.

Relieve Pain

Many women have acutely painful pregnancies, and their bodies are in constant turmoil throughout all three trimesters. When a situation causes one immense pain, it is natural to feel resentful of that situation, which in this case, is your pregnancy. This may lead to pre- or post-partum depression, which can be very dangerous for you, others around you, and your new baby. Acupuncture allows energy to pass through the body’s main pathways, releasing endorphins and other hormones associated with healing and pain relief. Your body’s sensitivity to pain will be lowered considerably, allowing you to actually enjoy your pregnancy and truly appreciate the miracle that is growing within you.

At our wellness center in Aventura Florida, we believe in a combination of eastern and western medicine to help you receive the best of both worlds. Acupuncture therapy has no adverse affects for your body, and can help maintain perfect reproductive health. To make an appointment, call us at (786) 537-7022 and we can begin your treatment immediately.