Pediatric Acupuncture

Experienced Acupuncturist Andrea Schmutz practices in Aventura Florida

Acupuncture for kids is gentle, safe and highly effective for a wide range of conditions. Andrea Schmutz AP, DOM has been working with children, either as an RN or as an acupuncturist, for well over 20 years.

Pediatric Acupuncture – There are no lengths a parent wouldn’t go to make sure their child gets the best care. However, modern medicine can sometimes be frustrating when you are banking on it to improve your child’s health. Parents today are embracing alternative forms of treatment for their children (even when modern medicine hasn’t failed them).

One of the main reasons alternative methods are more popular today is the gentle approach, which every parent wants for their child. And when it comes to these forms of treatment, we are the textbook definition of professionalism and gentleness.

Acupuncture is one of the alternative methods of treatment offering a lot of benefits to the child. We provide therapy that works to strengthen them overall while still dealing with specific symptoms. Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese as part of their treatment regimen for centuries but only became popular in the Western world during the end of the 20th century. The body has acupuncture points which can be stimulated to improve cognitive function, organ function, immune system and overall development, and all these are very essential in children.

Pediatric Acupuncture – Acupuncture for kids

Acupuncture was not designed for adults only. We have forms of the therapy that can be very beneficial to your child as well. The types of acupuncture treatment used are varied between different age groups and are totally non-invasive.

Needles are some of the greatest fears for children and we have modelled our pediatric acupuncture in such a way that treatments do not involve needles. The therapies are also meant to last a short while because we know it is not easy to make children to stay still for long. However, older children can always have longer sessions.

Why should I try Pediatric Acupuncture?

There is variety of answers to the question but among the most important reasons is that it is a drug-free option that comes with no side effects to the child. Our list of holistic treatments has a multi-tiered approach. It deals with the interconnectedness of the body and covers the emotional states, energy systems and mental wellbeing. We take into consideration that the child was born with a soul or spiritual element.

The methods and techniques used are meant to touch on every aspect of the child’s life to bring it all together. We also have other techniques of treatment that are applied together with acupuncture or as solitary alternatives in some cases.

Options that can be used alone or in combination with acupuncture include;
· Dietary guidance
· Herbal medicine
· Homeopathic remedies
· Acupressure

Pediatric Acupuncture can also treat a wide range of specific health issues

While children can be brought to our acupuncture sessions in perfect health, there are cases where therapy is designed as treatment for specific ailments and problems in this demographic. The range of problems we treat through acupuncture include the common pediatric concerns such as asthma, behavioral issues, pain, colic, coughs and colds, allergies, ear infections, tummy aches, sleeping, digestive and respiratory difficulties as well as dermatological problems such as eczema. We also offer treatment for conditions such as ADHD, anxiety and depression with treatment modes that are friendly and suitable for early onset treatment for such conditions.

Herbal prescriptions for children

Herbal medicine has always been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The potent concoctions make it much simpler to treat your child without having to expose them to the side effects of Western medicines. We have prescriptions that offer synergistic curative effects to alleviate symptoms of the child while dealing with underlying issues. That the drugs are natural also means that they are generally gentle to your child’s body and allow for the healing process to take place properly.

The drugs we use are meant to be taken by children and would not be complete if they were not palatable. We have sweetened each herbal treatment to give it an acceptable taste for the child. We always ensure we have a way to make the administration of the herbs easy as well. A small amount of the herbs can be put directly in the child’s mouth or mixed in treats or water so that the patient doesn’t even know when they take the medicine.

We prescribe herbal treatments to be taken for different times, depending on the child’s needs. It could be a few days as is the case of a cold, a few weeks in cases such as flare ups of conditions such as asthma or allergies or a few months when chronic conditions like dormant allergies, spectrum disorder or asthma show themselves.

Acupuncture can still be used by people using modern medicine

Coming to us for acupuncture therapy, or in this case bringing your child, doesn’t mean that you should stop using conventional medicine. Chinese medicine can be used as a supplement for modern medicine or in other cases to alleviate the aftereffects of conventional treatment methods.

Chinese medicine is known to be able to help a child heal naturally by stimulating the body’s systems. Parents should not worry about the two different systems of treatment causing side effects. Your child’s physician can even receive progress reports from alternative treatment sessions. Our aim is always to ensure that the child’s needs are placed above everything.

Is pediatric acupuncture beneficial to children?

Children don’t always respond to the same treatment in a similar way. Alternative treatment methods are a good option if you notice that your young one is taking too long to respond to conventional treatments. One of the most beneficial aspects of acupuncture is this regard is its premise that everyone is unique. As such, treatments are designed to be unique even in the most subtle way because every patient has distinct needs.

Acupuncture also provides the child with the opportunity to grow wholly all through the changes and adjustments they go through in life. It is meant to lift the child’s energy, happiness and spirit.

Come for regular sessions for the best results

The effect of acupuncture is best felt when the therapy is continued for a period of time, and frequent sessions work best. Parents are invited to bring their children for a session every week and can also do up to 2 sessions a week if the child needs acupuncture for a specific issue. This also depends on the severity of the problem. With every four weeks of sessions, your child’s progress is evaluated according to the end goal for treatment. In order to be able to enjoy some of these fine treatment schedules, reach out to our clinic right away, and we will only be too glad to help.

Andrea Schmutz AP, DOM has myriad experience in western and eastern pediatric medicine and is located in Aventura Florida, minutes from Sunny Isles, North Miami Beach, Golden Beach, Hallandale and Hollywood. Read more about her experience and skill set.