Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Using acupuncture for weight loss has become highly popular these days. Treatment techniques like acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medications are seen to have positive results in weight loss, according to the most recent studies.

Conventional methods for weight loss like crash dieting may help you lose a significant amount of weight, but this weight can easily be gained back in a few months. Resorting to a method of treatment which has a long lasting effect is probably the best solution for this problem. Here, at our wellness center, we provide various treatment plans using this ancient art for weight loss.

How it Works

If you believe that one trip to the acupuncturist will rid you of off all your weight problems, then sadly, that’s not the case. However, this form of treatment shows the best and lasting results when combined with a proper diet and some ancient forms of exercise.

Acupuncture instantly promotes the release of endorphins in the body. These endorphins generate feelings of happiness and fullness. Stress and anxiety are considered to be prime causes of overeating. For many people, it has become easier to curb their appetites and practice an effective level of self control.

First and foremost we will design an individual treatment plan suited to your body’s requirements. We’ll do this on the basis of the energy flow in your body, deciding the root causes of your weight problems. After this, a method of treatment according to your history is tailored.

Most of the time, acupuncture treatment for weight loss is done by inserting needles around the ear lobes. This is one of the most accurate trigger points. Body acupuncture points are also used for full effectiveness.

 After Effects of Acupuncture on Weight Loss

Acupuncture for weight loss, according to clinical studies, has shown to reduce your cravings for food, increases your willpower, stabilizes your metabolism, strengthens your digestion, and ameliorates anxiety and stress related to diet and weight loss.

Acupuncture not only helps in reducing fat, this method of ancient Chinese treatment generates feelings of wellness. A healthy lifestyle with positive feelings is embarked. Acupuncture not only helps in fixing physical self, but a vast improvement in the mental self is seen.

The greatest advantage of using this method of treatment is that this has absolutely no side effects. It’s one hundred percent natural! Acupuncture for weight loss doesn’t use harmful chemicals to promote a better weight; also this form isn’t addictive either, unlike most diet pills.

People with impulsive eating habits like binging, food addictions are the best candidates for this form of treatment. A change in your metabolism, among other signs such as reduced cravings, can be observed after only a couple of sessions. Pairing this regime with exercise techniques like yoga and Pilates help maintain a steady, healthy weight.

A Few Tips…

After seeing the results of following this treatment, it’s best to set a strategy to maintain these results.

  • Be firm in your goals
  • Limit yourself to small portions of food to satisfy untimely cravings
  • Introduce healthy forms of exercise in your daily routine
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself; you are doing the best you can.
  • And finally, be positive!

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